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The pure nature of Imagna Valley surrounds Villa delle Ortensie

Villa delle Ortensie | Thermarium
A path into a suggestive fascinated place that leads into the past, when Etruscan people allow baths and massages. A place to find harmony and wellness nowadays. Far away from hectic daily life, taking a pleasant leap into the past.


Entry costs to Thermarium is € 40.00 per person per day.
It is possible to enter into Thermarium without daily stay.
Entry time:

from 10.00 a.m. until 03.00 p.m.0
from 03.00 p.m. until 08.00 p.m.
from 08.00 p.m. until 11.00 p.m.

(modern time sauna)

Ancients already knew the depuration and detoxing effects of about 70°C degrees hot baths, no more than 10 minute-long, followed by a cold shower that instil an immediate regenerating sensation.

(Turkish bath with sulphureous water)

A wet-warm place with sulphureous water to an extreme 40°C degrees benefits breathing and eliminate toxins by purifying body and harmonize spirit.

(emotional thermal showers)

It is excellent at the end of a sauna, a Turkish bath or the path itself. Surrounded by coloured lights(chromotherapy), your body will be massaged by a shower of water drops that leave an energic essence on your skin.

Tepidarium (relax room)

A break in tepidarium, laying on comfortable elegant bed, is soft and in the meantime stimulating. You can stay longer if you like. Temperature is about 37°C degrees, similar to the body one, positively increases body temperature that reinforces the immune system without damaging blood circulation. Tepidarium has a preventive curative effect and offers an excellent occasion to relax and regenerate.

Mud bath

Thermal water enriched with natural mud. The immersion in matured mud brings considerable benefits to the muscle system, osteo-articulation and problems of body position. It has an anti-inflammatory function, increases antioxidant defence, activates cells metabolism, protects articular cartilage and does not harm stomach. The hydrostatic pressure of thermal water helps the blood circulation,lymphatic drainage and reduces stagnation of interstitial fluids. By repeating the treatment for at least two weeks effectively benefits the chronic pain.
Villa delle Ortensie | The Biolake

It was conceived by study of traditional alpine lakes that host bathers in wonderful natural landscapes in warm seasons. It is realized with natural stones, in totally absence of cement, in respect of environment and without using polluting substances. The treatment of water with magnesium chloride, a natural mineral, ensures a total respect of environment and a remarkable body well-being.

Entry in Swimmingpool

With cervical shower, hydromassage jets.

Entry into the full-equipped gym

Pyramidal therapy

Therapeutical treatments that uses the threapeutical energy of copper; it consists in lying in a copper pyramide that generates a benefic energetic field. It is a treatment particularly indicated to combat stress and gain energy.