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The pure nature of Imagna Valley surrounds Villa delle Ortensie

The mild climate, the fresh air, a park of more than 130 thousand square metre, full of age-old trees and embellished by refined geometric flowerbeds characterize the Beauty Farm of Villa delle Ortensie Medical Spa and make it a small gem placed at five houndred metre high, in the green area of Imagna Valley in Sant'Omobono, that is twenty-five kilometres far from Bergamo.
Chances of amusement and relax are numerous: trekking with guide, horse ride, mountain bike path, tennis pitch and miniature golf.

The most important feature of this place is with no doubt the Wellness Centre, which philosophy is based on the Lezaethian concept of thermic balance: air encourages feeding and purification mechanisms, water stimulates vital energy, earth purifies, soothes inflammation, absorbs unhealthy mood while light livens nervous system up.

Natural therapies, thermal cures, a specialized staff and suggestion for a correct feeding are among the most appreciate ingredients to recover the psychophysical balance.

The properties of sulphurous thermal water have been already known since 1772: a quotation has been found in Doctor G. Pasta's monograph, a famous proto-physicist of that time. In 1803 and in 1820 Professor Maironi da Ponte wrote about this topic enthusiastically.

In 1840 the monks Padre Ferriaro analysed it and prepared a brochure. In 1864 G. Garelli, in his work "About mineral waters in Italy and their applications" described and quoted mineral water of Sant'Omobono as one of the best sulphurous water known at that time.