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The pure nature of Imagna Valley surrounds Villa delle Ortensie


Villa delle Ortensie | Fonte di nuova Linfa

Our phylosophy is based on thermic balance concept: it is a science that teaches men to reach the same inner and outer body temperature with the help of natural agents as air, water, earth and light. Balance is gained by bringing blood into surface and eliminating toxins through skin pores. The clean blood regenarates cells, while the dirty blood intoxicates the organism and causes illnessies.
Per casi simili venite, soddisfatti o rimborsati

Villa delle Ortensie | Treatments
Nuova linfa therapy

It is a combined system of Thermal Natural Methods that concentrates the force of 4 elements: air, water, earth and light, according to the theory of thermic balance. 7 days to get an extreme purification of organism.
Linfa di acqua | basic
For A Basic Purification

A cycle of treatments to discover the regenerating results of our special thermal water. An accurate selection of exclusive target-aimed treatments with sulphureous water.
Linfa di terra | intense
For An Intensive Purification

A mixture of treatments which positive effects works on body and psyche. An accurate selection of exclusive target-aimed treatments with our precious mud and phytotherapy elements.
Linfa di aria & luce | superior
For A Superior Purification

The Solution for whom would benefit the regenerating effects of our massages. An accurate selection of special massages and holistic techniques.
Natural Thermal Methods

Our unique Natural Thermal Methods based on:
  • sulphureous water
  • mud and phytotherapy elements
  • special massages and holistic techniques

Linfa biodiet
An healthy correct diet based on biological food.

Linfa special
Depurative and detoxing stay suited for any need.