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The pure nature of Imagna Valley surrounds Villa delle Ortensie

Terme di S.Omobono | Historical Hints
Doctor Giuseppe Pasta wrote about qualities and advantages of water springs in Saint Omobono in one of his monograph published in 1772. The same author wrote about it in a second volume in 1794 in a extensive way, after a no-stop study (from 1774 until 1794) concerning benefical effects on several diseases. Later, more precisely in 1803, Professor Maironi da Ponte praised such springs by ensuring that the use of such water was popular and frequent and that recoveries were marvellous. In 1820 the same author wrote about with a renewed enthusiasm. Later in 1840, Father Ferrario analysed and created a brochure about such water. In his volume "About Italian Mineral Water And Their Application", published in 1864, Giovanni Garelli described it as one of the best sulphureous water ever known. Doctor G. Barbieri, in 1883, broadly explained the matter in his volume “ About Sulphureous Mineral Water In Saint Omobono”.

Terme di S.Omobono | Sulphureous Mineral Water

Thermal cure or crenotherapy is a medical therapy that uses mineral waters because their physical-chimical characters are endowed with therapeutic properties. Thermal cure is not a replacement of pharmacological therapy, but can grant clear clinical effects by the end of therapeutical cycle, while the most important effect is obtained by a decrease of acute pathology episodes and intensity and a general improvement of symptomatology. Sulphureous water of Saint Omobono are mainly used to attend disease of breathing, otolaryngology apparatus (inhalatory treatment, insufflation, politzer, vaporisation); dermatological apparatus (balneotherapy); gastroentheric and renal apparatus (hydropinic treatment). It works as a tonic, sedative action on nervous, endocrine system and, generally, as antiallergical action.

Terme di S.Omobono | How to get to the treatments

Beneficiaries can access to the thermal establishment for pathological diseas as per D.M.15/12/1994 (Ministerial Ordinance) with the only prescription of doctor in charge.

Treatments with convention

  • inhalatory cure: 24 sessions – e.g.. 12 inhalation + 12 aerosols
  • Treatments for inflammation-caused deafness: 24 sessions – e.g. 12 inhalations + 12 insufflations
  • balneotherapic treatments: 12 baths
  • hydropinic treatment: 12 sessions, maximum 3 glasses per day
  • mud therapy treatment: 12 sessions
  • mud bath therapy treatment: 12 sessions

Rules of health ticket

  • TICKET = € 50.00
  • Totally free from payment: 100% civil invalid; totally blind; seriously disabled person by an industrial accident; disabled servicemen of war; disabled servicemen of 1st cathegory
  • Partially free from payment: (ticket € 3.10): children until not yet turned 6 years old and adult over 65 years old with familiar income until € 36,152.00; retired people with minimum wage and over 60 years old and unemployed people with familiar income less than € 8,264.00; until € 11,363.00 with a dependent consort; unable people for pathology: restricted to the treatments linked with the same pathology; different invalid people according to the type and level of invalidity.

No refund will be made on treatments, even if not used.

The management of thermal establishment reserve the authority to update prices during any period


A cycle of thermal treatments is composed by 12 sessions to be taken in a period of time no longer than 16 days (cycle of pulmonary ventilation: 18 days.). Duration of thermal cycle can be extended, upon medical advice, but at charge of patient. More than one cycle during one year can be taken (spring and autumn) with a stop of at least 2 months between the cycles.


Thermal treatments have to be taken with a session per day for 6-7 days weekly for a total of 12 sessions.


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